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Our Mission & Vission

Our Mission & Vission

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Our Mission & Vission

We are one of leading aquaculture supply companies specializing in recirculating aquaculture system, and we collaborate with customers to develop the perfect solution for their specific needs.eWater is one of the best fish farm equipment suppliers and shrimp farming equipment suppliers for your choice.

·Create value for customers.

·Provide customers with excellent quality, stable and reliable products.

·Keep improving.

·Respect each employee's abilities, efforts, and work.

·Share knowledge and experience, and be good at learning.




Essentials Of Successful RAS Farming

  • 1

    Removal of organic matter in the form of settle solids is the first cleaning step in RAS.

  • 2
    Feeding Strategy

    A RAS feed needs to precisely meet the nutritional requirements for optimal and efficient growth.

  • 3
    Health Management

    Health management is a critical factor in the profitability of fish farming business, where both experience and expertise are vital.

  • 4
    Monitoring Parameters

    A RAS farmer has to make sure that all the important water quality parameters are kept optimal at all times.

About RAS

One of the main advantages of a Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) is that it maintains a perfect environment with superior water quality at minimum cost. All significant water parameters are monitored online and adjusted accordingly; ensuring optimal fish health and growth.

Together with an optimal environment for fish rearing in tank design and operation, and customized grading and feeding solutions, this is the foundation for predictable aquaculture production and superior harvesting quality for all species.

About RAS

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