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Indian Customer Visit

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Jordanian customers are welcomed to visit the eWater factory floor.

Our colleague introduces the Jordanian customer to the background information of the factory, including the company's history and experience in the aquaculture field. The customer is taken on a tour of the equipment area of the indoor aquaculture system and begins to introduce the equipment one by one, explaining its function and role.

The first equipment introduced is the microfilter. The staff explains in detail how the microfilter filters solid particles and impurities from the fish pond water to ensure clean and stable water quality. Next, the engineers introduce the working principle and function of the degassing system. They explain how it removes carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the fish pond and increases the dissolved oxygen content of the water.

The next equipment introduced is the biochemical filter. Details are given on how biochemical filters maintain stable water quality by converting wastes into substances that are beneficial to the fish through a biological treatment process. Oxygen supply systems, including oxygen cones and oxygen generators. They explain how to ensure that the dissolved oxygen content in the fish pond reaches a suitable level to provide sufficient oxygen needed by the fish.

We arrange for customers to see practical demonstrations of the equipment to show its operation and effectiveness. For example, they may show how water quality monitoring equipment is used or how a water recycling system works.

After the inspection, the two parties have a business negotiation involving details of cooperation, price, delivery time, etc. Information on after-sales service and technical support is provided to ensure that the customer receives comprehensive support after purchase.

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