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Saltwater RAS Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture Equipment

Saltwater RAS Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture Equipment

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Launching the Saltwater RAS Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture Equipment, a state-of-the-art aquaculture tool made to give you the most effective and way that is convenient keep your saltwater tanks neat and healthy. This device that is revolutionary developed and manufactured by eWater, a distinguished brand name within the aquaculture industry.

The Saltwater RAS Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture gear is a drum that is advanced effective at getting rid of particles a maximum of 20 microns from your own saltwater tanks. Which consists of advanced technology, it guarantees water this is certainly crystal-clear eliminating the likelihood of blocking. This has a movement this is certainly most of as much as 5000GPH, making it saltwater that is appropriate of varied sizes.

This product features a control that is smart that means it is very easy to manage the purification price based on the specific requirements associated with the aquarium. Having its higher-level engine that is electric control system, it automatically stops filtering whenever water reaches the amount that is pre-set. The filter's self-cleaning function allows it to perform continuously without handbook intervention, which makes it the answer this is certainly ideal maintaining the purity and hygiene of one's saltwater aquarium.

Our Saltwater RAS Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture gear is manufactured with top-notch materials to make certain durability that is optimum. Its stainless-steel casing is corrosion-resistant, and also the drum filter is made of premium-quality nylon, rendering it resistant to place on and tear. Its compact size and installation this is certainly straightforward it the tool that is right professional aquarists and hobbyists alike.

Product Description
eWater Drum Filter
The rotary drum filter is simple in design, durable and convenient in cleaning, equipped with an automated backwash controller for easy use. The mechanical drum micro filter is the best choice for removal of solid particles in most RAS.

One of common method to remove the RAS solids is the use of a mechanical drum filter where water is run over a rotating drum screen that is periodically cleaned by pressurized spray nozzles, and the resulting slurry is treated or sent down the drain.
1. Factory indoor aquaculture farms, especially high-density aquaculture farms.
2. Aquaculture nursery ground and ornamental fish culture base;
3. Seafood temporary maintenance and transportation;
4. Water treatment of aquarium project, seafood fish pondproject, aquarium project and aquarium project.
1. Multiple working modes: Auto, Stop and Manual. When in Auto working mode, it can automatic turn on and off
2. Backwash system:It also can base on mesh's blocking situation to set the backwash time.
3. High quality and special woven 316L stainless steel mesh. Small aperture, low resistance, strong flow capacity.
4. High quality material shell(SS304 OR PP material): strong corrosion-resistance and durable
Product Description
eWater RAS Flow Chart
On-site Project Installation & Qualification Support
We send over engineers to customers' project location to support the installation & qualfications on-site. We design RAS project detailed prints for overseas customers to get the basic building ready and work out practicable plan including the timeline and labors needs prior to the installation.
Company Profile

Certificates and Patents
Obtained more than 26 patents, 2 hi-tech certificates and 3 CE and ISO 9001 certificate

Q: Can you make the design for RAS?

A: Sure, we have a professional AQUA team , has been in RAS fishery morn then 9 years. And been develop succeed of salmon, redtrout system and tilapia in Europe and north American. Has been corporate with GenoMar and AquaGen for the breeding and nursery system build up.

Q: What is your product warranty?

A: The warranty is 24 months while the lifetime is 10-15 years under good maintenance.It is durable and anti-corrosion.

Q: What is the payment term ?

A: Our payment is T/T, 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.

Q: How to assemble the equipment once we received it?

A: The CAD install instruction, assembly procedure and project case will be provided, Of course our skilled installation engineers would go to your country and install the equipment if needed.


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