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Recirculation aquaculture system ras

Revolutionizing Fish Farming with Recirculation Aquaculture System 


Fishing is a huge popular activity more than 100 years. Nevertheless, making use of the increasing need seafood usage, conventional fishing practices are getting to be unsustainable. This is where water recirculation system in aquaculture from eWater is essential - an innovative new and innovative method of farming.

Advantages of RAS:

One of the biggest advantages of RAS may be the undeniable fact that it conserves water. In conventional fish agriculture, water is consistently being drained and replaced - wasting resources that are precious. RAS, with that said, recycles and reuses water, rendering it a more efficient and economical method like recirculation aquaculture system ras from eWater. 

An additional benefit is the fact RAS is a safer method of farming seafood. Conventional fish agriculture often involves chemical compounds that are utilizing antibiotics to hold the fish healthier. With RAS, there was clearly less importance of these substances that are harmful the machine is made to mimic a normal ecosystem.

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