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RAS Aquaculture Bio Filter Media System

RAS Aquaculture Bio Filter Media System

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Brand: eWater

The eWater RAS Aquaculture Bio Filter Media System may be a solution this is really revolutionary to assist seafood farmers and achieve much better and aquaculture this is really sustainable. This technique is actually a game-changer for many who've to enhance their water quality, and also reduce their expenses that are operational while enhancing the yield and standard through the seafood.
The device is actually made from very top-quality, and especially developed biofilter media that maximizes the development of useful nitrifying germs. The style this is certainly framework this is certainly exclusive this media offers a habitat that is correct the germs to fundamentally cultivate resulting in the elimination this is certainly effective of ammonia and nitrites through the aquaculture environment.
This is really general, and decreasing environmentally friendly aftereffect of these procedure in the event that you make use of the eWater RAS Aquaculture Bio Filter Media System, farmers can run their recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) with just minimal water exchange, reducing water. Moreover, the operational system is easy to create and keep, having a design this is really facilitates which can be user-friendly procedure this is certainly insures which are cleaning and satisfaction this is certainly durable.
The eWater RAS Aquaculture Bio Filter Media System provides benefits that may be an aquaculture this could be actually few, including:
1. Improved Water Quality: the news headlines facilitate the introduction of helpful germs that prevent nitrate and ammonia through the effortlessly water, having an even more healthy and environment this will be safe the seafood.
2. Increased Fish Yields: the method this is certainly efficient of chemical compounds through the water causes greater seafood yields, increased development rates, and seafood health this is certainly improved.
3. Reduced Operational costs: the apparatus assists in reducing power use plus the use of compounds, decreasing working expenses and advertising methods which are sustainable.
4. effortless fix: The modular design linked to system permits easy cleaning and upkeep, reducing downtime and ensuring dependable and satisfaction this is certainly actually durable.

RAS Description

Main eWater RAS processes and the equipment necessary

A series of treatment processes is utilized to maintain water quality in intensive fish farming operations. These steps are often done in order or sometimes in tandem. After leaving the vessel holding fish the water is first treated for solids before entering a biofilter to convert ammonia, next degassing and oxygenation occur, often followed by heating/cooling and sterilization. Each of these processes can be completed by using a variety of different methods and equipment, but regardless all must take place to ensure a healthy environment that maximizes fish growth and health. 
Equipment necessary
denitrifying biofilter,MBBR process
Solids removal
drum filter, sand filter, protein skimmer
oxygen cone or low pressure oxygenating device
PH control
degassing device
Temperature control
submerged heaters, heat pumps, chillers, and heat exchangers
UV sterilizer ,ozone generator
Product Description
Biofiltration System
All RAS relies on biofiltration to convert ammonia (NH4+ and NH3) excreted by the fish into nitrate.
Nitrifying bacteria are chemoautotrophs that convert ammonia into nitrite then nitrate. A biofilter provides a substrate for the bacterial community, which results in thick biofilm growing within the filter. Water is pumped through the filter, and ammonia is utilized by the bacteria for energy. Nitrate is less toxic than ammonia (>100 mg/L), and can be removed by a denitrifying biofilter or by water replacement.
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Successful Cases

RAS used to grow Pabda in Bangladesh

Farming cycle time: 120 days (fingerlings to 80 grams for 

Biomass ( stock density): 80 kg /m
RAS water volume: 285 m
RAS water flow: 240 m

RAS used to grow Tilapia in Jordan

Three tanks for grow-out and one tank for harvesting

Water volume: 1182 m³ 
12 small tanks for fingerlings nursery, each tank 36m³
Biomass(stock density) at harvesting : 100 kg /m³

RAS water flow: 1000 m³ /hour

Pabda Catfish (Ompok Pabda)

● Culturing Cycle Time: 90 – 110 D to 40 - 55 grams size

for harvesting

● Biomass: 60 kilograms/m3 at harvesting  
● Temp: 15 – 30 ℃, 22 – 27 ℃ preferred

RAS used to grow  American eel

● Culturing Cycle Time: 150D to 150 grams size from

50-gram fingerlings

● Biomass: 60 kilograms/m3 at harvesting
● Temp: 26-30℃

Company Profile

About ewater

Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited is a professional company engaged in design, production and sales of Recirculating Aquaculture System as well as aquaculture equipment. Ewater is focused on the development and manufacturing of industrial recirculating aquaculture system solutions,and its product design and production, including drum filters, protein skimmers, biological filters, aeration equipment, disinfection equipment, heat pumps and 
water quality monitor quipment.
We work with top-level aquaculture research institutes and experts to develop best solutions for our customers in aquacultrure industry. Our engineering team is committed to develop best practices for each equipment and RAS based on customers' needs. We continue to be reliable and honest in what we do and how we act.
Our mission is to improve sustainability and profitability for customers,and be a valuable partner for customers' 
long-term business.

Exhibition in Nanning City Guangxi Province,China

Exhibition in Zhanjiang City Guangdong Province,China

Installation Services

If needed, we can provide on-site installation services with turn-key project
Great Service is Our Misson

● Consulting service available and custom designs are welcomed!
● We offer practical solutions, premium quality products along side competitive prices and prompt delivery.
● All the equipment are guaranteed for 2 years and life-time warranty except for the wearing parts.
● Support onsite installation and sending engineer for debugging on demands.
● After-sales service and content: If the quality problems occur; even the equipment lose the ability of working, we will  repair or replace them free of charge during the warranty period. The product is life-long maintenance and we will 

provide all-round services except for factors such as artificial damage or irresistible force.

On-site installation services in Uzbekistan

On-site installation services in Bangladesh


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