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eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment

eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment

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Brand: eWater

eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment was supposed to supply the oxygenation that is many is useful is achievable seafood agriculture, whilst also maintaining energy expenses low. This machine is crucial for the wellbeing of seafood and so the popularity of any seafood farming operation.
The eWater manufacturer is a force that is potent is leading the industry of fish farming technology. They have developed solutions which can be top might be feasible the farming industry, and also this item isn't any exclusion. The eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment was created to offer atmosphere this is really maximum to your seafood, while additionally being efficient and simple to make use of.
This method is easy to put together and it's also accessible in different sizes to allow for seafood this is certainly operations being different. In addition, it is designed to satisfy requirements that are international are ecological ensuring a secure and solution this is certainly sustainable. The apparatus comprises of top-notch materials, ensuring durability and zero-maintenance costs.
The eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment features advanced technology that ensures water it is definitely requirements which are high. The product contains sensors that constantly monitor and adjust the oxygen levels to make sure conditions that are optimal the seafood. The atmosphere transfer effectiveness rates are incredibly high, leading to healthiest and much more seafood this is actually thriving before.
The eWater High Efficiency 50T/hr Fish Farming Oxygenation Equipment is surely a solution this is certainly energy-efficient saves on costs. The products are made to work at low levels of energy while nevertheless oxygen this is certainly supplying is high, causing power that is significant savings. Kit is a lot eco-friendlier, that means it is a solution this is certainly fish this is certainly ideal who bother about the surroundings with all the usage of less power.
This system is user-friendly and simple to utilize, whether or not you may be a comer this is certainly completely new the fish agriculture industry. The gear features an individual manual providing you guidelines which can be easy-to-follow guidance. In addition, eWater provides customer that is exemplary, making certain their customers obtain the solution this is certainly best this is certainly achievable.

Product Description
30 - 45
50 - 80
Ø500 x 2115
Ø700 x 2115
Inlet flange Ø
Outlet flangeØ
Net mass(kg)
Matching pump power(kw)
Aquaculture oxygen column is a device used to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water body, which plays the following important roles in aquaculture: ●Providing dissolved oxygen: fish, shrimp, shellfish and other organisms in aquaculture need sufficient oxygen for respiration and metabolism. Oxygen columns provide the necessary oxygen supply by dissolving oxygen into the water by bringing it into full contact with the water body. This helps to maintain the dissolved oxygen level in the water body and ensures that organisms in the cultured water body receive an adequate supply of oxygen.●Promote biological growth and health: Adequate dissolved oxygen can improve the environment of the water body, provide good growing conditions, and promote the normal growth and development of aquatic organisms. At the same time, sufficient oxygen can also help fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms to enhance immunity, reduce the risk of disease and improve the breeding efficiency.●Improvement of water quality: Oxygen columns can increase the dissolved oxygen content of the water body, which helps oxidize harmful substances such as organic waste, ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, thus improving the water quality of the water body. Adequate oxygen helps to maintain the ecological balance in the water, reduce the accumulation of harmful substances and maintain the clarity and transparency of the water body.●Reduces water eutrophication: Water eutrophication is often a problem in aquaculture, leading to overgrowth of algae and odors in the water. By providing sufficient dissolved oxygen, the oxygen column can promote the redox reaction in the water body, reduce the degree of eutrophication, inhibit the growth of algae and reduce the odor of the water body.
We also have complementary products for recirculating aquaculture systems, including oxygen cones, drum filter, UV sterilisers and more. The RAS recirculating aquaculture systems are very popular and competitive.
RAS Flow Chart

On-site Project Installation & Qualification Support
We send over engineers to customers' project location to support the installation & qualfications on-site. We design RAS project detailed prints for overseas customers to get the basic building ready and work out practicable plan including the timeline and labors needs prior to the installation.
RAS Applications
Any species of fish and shrimp can be cultured, the following are common species.
Company Profile

Certificates and Patents
Obtained more than 26 patents, 2 hi-tech certificates and 3 CE and ISO 9001 certificate
Q: Can you make the design for RAS ?
A: Sure, we have a professional AQUA team , has been in RAS fishery morn then 9 years. And been develop succeed of salmon, redtrout system and tilapia in Europe and north American. Has been corporate with GenoMar and AquaGen for the breeding and nursery system build up.

Q: What is your product warranty ?
A: The warranty is 24 months while the lifetime is 10-15 years under good maintenance.It is durable and anti-corrosion.

Q: What is the payment term ?
A: Our payment is T/T , 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.

Q: How to assemble the equipment once we received it?
A: The CAD install instruction, assembly procedure and project case will be provided.,Of course our skilled installation engineers would go to your country and install the equipment if needed.


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