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Indoor Protein Skimmer for Recirculating Aquaculture System

Indoor Protein Skimmer for Recirculating Aquaculture System

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Brand: eWater

Presenting the eWater Indoor Protein Skimmer for Recirculating Aquaculture System - the clear answer that is ultimate maintaining an environment that is optimal the aquatic pets. This protein skimmer could be the perfect addition to virtually any recirculating aquaculture system whether you are a practiced marine biologist or even a newcomer hobbyist.

First, let us mention just what a protein skimmer is and why it is necessary when it comes to aquarium. Really, a protein skimmer is merely a tool that removes matter this is certainly natural waste through the water in your tank. This will be essential because excess matter that is natural end in a accumulation of harmful substances, which can be detrimental towards the health of one's aquatic animals. A protein skimmer essentially "skims" the protein as well as other organic debris from the outer lining of your respective water, rendering it cleaner and healthy for the seafood, corals, as well as other life this is certainly aquatic.

The eWater Indoor Protein Skimmer is truly a tool this is certainly top-of-the-line is both effective and efficient. It's developed to make use of recirculating aquaculture systems, that are aquarium setups that reuse the water this is certainly same and over again. This will make the eWater Indoor Protein Skimmer a perfect option for those who need to maintain a sustainable and aquarium system this is certainly green.

The skimmer itself is made with top-notch materials that are developed to last. It offers a sleek and design this is certainly lightweight is ideal for interior usage, and that means you don't need to worry about it trying out excessively space at office or home. The eWater Indoor Protein Skimmer normally extremely an easy task to install and make use of - merely plug it in and allow it work its miracle.

One of the standout top options that come with the eWater Indoor Protein Skimmer is its air injection this is certainly effective system. This technique produces a known level that is lots of into the water, which really helps you to separation larger particles while making them easier to eliminate. The skimmer is sold with an operation that is low-noise and that means you don't have to worry about it being too noisy or disruptive.

Product Description
Aquaculture protein skimmers is the "kidneys" of marine aquaculture systems and is essential filtration equipment. It can separate 80% of harmful substances, ammonia nitrogen, harmful salts, suspended solids, etc. in water, which can greatly improve water quality.
Our Advantages
1. Quickly and effectively remove the feces of fish and other aquatic animals and the extra bait and other impurities in thebreeding water, to prevent them from further decomposing into ammonia nitrogen that is toxic to the organism.
2. Due to the gas and water are fully mixed, the contact area is greatly increased, the dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased, which is very beneficial to farmed fish.
3. It also has the function of adjusting the PH value of water quality.
4. If the air inlet is connected to the ozone generator, the reaction barrel itself becomes a sterilization chamber. It can disinfect and sterilize while separating impurities. One machine is multi-purpose, and the cost is further reduced.
5. Made of high-quality imported environmental protection materials. Resistance to aging and strong corrosion. Especially suitable for seawater industrial cultivation.
6. Easy installation and disassembly.
7. Matching with other related equipment can greatly increase the breeding density, thereby greatly improving the economic benefits.
Contact Us for customization details & 7-15 days quick proofing.
We also have complementary products for recirculating aquaculture systems, including oxygen cones, drum filter, UV sterilisers and more. The RAS recirculating aquaculture systems are very popular and competitive.
RAS Flow Chart
Our Projects
400+ successful RAS projects all over the world eWater relentlessly pursuring innovative RAS solutions for lower energy consumption and higher productivity. We've successfully delivered more than 400 RAS globally by September 2022
On-site Project Installation & Qualification Support
We send over engineers to customers' project location to support the installation & qualfications on-site. We design RAS project detailed prints for overseas customers to get the basic building ready and work out practicable plan including the timeline and labors needs prior to the installation.
RAS Applications
Any species of fish and shrimp can be cultured, the following are common species.
Company Profile
Visit us
See our facilities in Southern China for yourself! Being a 90-minite ferry from Hong Kong, we are perfectly situated for customer visits. During your visit, our team will take you on a tour of equipment and RAS projects.
Certificates and Patents
Obtained more than 26 patents, 2 hi-tech certificates and 3 CE and ISO 9001 certificate
Q: Can you make the design for RAS ?
A: Sure, we have a professional AQUA team , has been in RAS fishery morn then 9 years. And been develop succeed of salmon, redtrout system and tilapia in Europe and north American. Has been corporate with GenoMar and AquaGen for the breeding and nursery system build up.

Q: What is your product warranty ?
A: The warranty is 24 months while the lifetime is 10-15 years under good maintenance.It is durable and anti-corrosion.

Q: What is the payment term ?
A: Our payment is T/T , 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.

Q: How to assemble the equipment once we received it?
A: The CAD install instruction, assembly procedure and project case will be provided.,Of course our skilled installation engineers would go to your country and install the equipment if needed.


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