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The Oxygen Concentrator is a vital medical device that generates concentrated oxygen for folks struggling with respiratory disorders such as for instance Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, and pneumonia. This compact device was designed to deliver higher and much more concentrated degrees of oxygen than ambient air, rendering it a great solution for people who require supplemental oxygens.

The Oxygen Concentrator functions by splitting nitrogen through the oxygen by means of a procedure called stress move adsorption. The purified air would be kept and gathered in to the unit's reservoir for immediate access by a person. The Oxygen Concentrator provides constant and uninterrupted air for about a day having a movement’s price up to 5 liters every single minute.

One of the many standout top popular features of the Oxygen Concentrator is its portability. It’s lightweight and design is compact it quite easy to go from destination to place, be it in the home or exterior. This product additionally runs quietly, permitting users to rest and sleep easily without any disruptions.

The Oxygen Concentrator additionally is sold with intuitive settings which will make it effortless to operate. Its LCD display suggests the atmosphere concentration, all of those other battery power life, as well as the time this is certainly working. The system is battery-powered, letting it runs seamlessly during energy outages or while traveling.

Dependability and durability are further improved by its durable construction and quality elements, including a top-notch compressor and sleep that is sieve. These devices is easy to help keep and features an alternative is filter for monitoring filter life.

The Oxygen Concentrator is great for use both in the home plus in medical facilities as it meets the oxygen supply needs of an individual with various oxygen demand levels. Additionally, it is well suited for travel, outdoor activities, and emergencies.

Get yours today and experienced the numerous great things about oxygen concentrator technology.

Product Description

Brief Introduction

An oxygen concentrator is an oxygen-making equipment that provides low-flow oxygen therapy at home, nursing homes, or patient care
centers. Oxygen products is the use of pressure swing adsorption principle, the air pressure and pressure, through the molecular
sieve so that the air nitrogen and oxygen molecules separate, oxygen retention, nitrogen discharge. At room temperature under the
power, can be separated from the air in line with when standard oxygen.

Structure and Composition

This product consists of oxygen host, flow meter, supporting the use of wetting bottle, oxygen or oxygen mask composition.

Why Choose Us

1. Easy operation with LED display screen

2. Wide oxygen outlet ranges from 0.5 L/min to 3 L/min.
3. High oxygen concentration.
4. Constant oxygen supply----last 24 hours
5. Low noise----quietness ensures your sound sleep
6. Oxygen therapy with nebulization function
7. LED alarm system for pressure-low, pressure-high or failure
8. LED indicator for working condition.
9. Simple - operating, stable function, safety and long durability.

Product Features
Parameters          Model
Working Voltage (V/Hz)
~220V ±10% / 50 ±1
~220V ±10% / 50 ±1
~220V ±10% / 50 ±1
Rated Power (W)
Max Flow (LMP)
Outlet Nominal Pressure is 7Kpa when the flow range (L/min)
O2 Concentration (within 10 minutes of the initial start-up)
Flow Adjustment Range
0~3L/min adjustedcontinuously
0~3L/min adjustedcontinuously
0~5L/min adjustedcontinuously
Net Weight (kg)
Noise dB(A)
Outlet Pressure
40KPa ~60KPa
40KPa ~60KPa
40KPa ~60KPa


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