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Brand: eWater

The Oxygen Generator is an item this is certainly state-of-the-art provides air that is ample for virtually any Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). It really is made to offer an amount that is adequate of oxygen when you look at the water, in order to sustain the lifetime this is certainly aquatic your fish farm or aquaculture setup. The Oxygen Generator is of premium quality, manufactured with high-grade materials that ensure performance and durability this is certainly long-lasting.
A dependable and solution that is efficient enhance the efficiency of your RAS. This method is sold with greater level technology which allows the transformation of environment into air particles, which often mix with the water to scale back and produce a whole lot this is certainly oxygen-rich the tank. Insurance firms an oxygen that is dependable Generator you will make sure water quality of your RAS stays high.
Provides benefits being several makes it an investment this is certainly bearing that is good mind when it comes to aquaculture company. The energy that is first its sufficient oxygen supply. The generator implies that water in your RAS contains enough dissolved air to help keep your aquatic life. This implies the seafood, shrimp, along with other organisms in your tank can inhale easier, making them many and healthy other activities effective.
The power that is 2nd that it assists lessen the density of harmful germs and pathogens in water. When fish are overcrowded, water quality can decrease, resulting in a number this is certainly oxygen-deprived encourages the development of pathogens and germs. This can be damaging to the full life this is certainly aquatic your RAS. With the Oxygen Generator, you can keep water quality high, limit the rise of unwanted organisms, and enhance the performance of the aquaculture business.
Created to be simple and quick to work with. It boils down with user-friendly settings that allow you to adjust the oxygen levels in your tank, and also to monitor the performance connected with machine. The generator can also be a task that is easy install and needs maintenance this is certainly little rendering it a hassle-free solution for the aquaculture business. Today Invest within an Oxygen Generator and see your aquaculture business grows.

Product Description
Power supply
Total power(watts)
Oxygen concentration
Operating volume( dB )
Outlet pressure (kg)
Net mass (kg)
PSA Oxygen Generator
eWater is known for building standard, economically priced oxygen generation systems that can be customized as needed. Our oxygen generators can be integrated with a compressor and oxygen cylinder filling station up to 92% purity within a box structure for easy shipping and on-demand, low-cost oxygen generation.
        The unnecessary oxygen can be stored up in the tank first and the oxygen generator will stop running when the tank is filled. To meet your specs, we can manufacture a highly efficient generation system for separating oxygen gas from the air, completely enclosed within a containe
Product Features
1) Adopting German technology, the oil-free compressors ensure adequate supply of source air with large air output
2) Using CECA medical grade molecular sieve and advanced packaging technology, the oxygen concentration can reach up to 90% purity without decay after 5 minutes
3) Dual cooling system is designed to improve the performance of the heat dissipation in an all-weather condition.
4) The concentration monitoring technology has been developed to monitor the oxygen concentration on line
5) Multi-grade noise reduction devices are integrated and the noise is less than 50 db
6) With the multiple early-warning systems such as pressure-low warning, failure warning, overload and concentration errors warning, the equipment is safe and reliable
7)Maintenance-free operation
Q: Can you make the design for RAS ?
A: Sure, we have a professional AQUA team , has been in RAS fishery morn then 9 years. And been develop succeed of salmon, redtrout system and tilapia in Europe and north American. Has been corporate with GenoMar and AquaGen for the breeding and nursery system build up.

Q: What is your product warranty ?
A: The warranty is 24 months while the lifetime is 10-15 years under good maintenance.It is durable and anti-corrosion.

Q: What is the payment term ?
A: Our payment is T/T , 50% deposit, 50% balance payment before shipment.

Q: How to assemble the equipment once we received it?
A: The CAD install instruction, assembly procedure and project case will be provided.,Of course our skilled installation engineers would go to your country and install the equipment if needed.


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