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Rotary drum filter aquaculture

Discover the Power of Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture         

Do you wish to revolutionize the real way do aquaculture? Afterward you need to embrace the innovation of Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture if yes. This rotary vacuum drum filter from eWater has been in existence for many years but has just gained appeal recently due to its numerous advantages.

Advantages of Rotary Drum Filter Aquaculture

One of several advantages that are significant this technology is its ability to filter large volumes of water effortlessly. The rotary vacuum drum from eWater were created for approximately 20 times more water flow rate than a number of other filters. It is actually created by this feature perfect for aquaculture operations that need high water flow prices. 

Also, the filter's design eliminates the necessity for a secondary filter thus reducing the entire cost of operation. The drum also assists in prolonging the lifespan of biological filter news by preventing obstructions.

Why choose eWater Rotary drum filter aquaculture?

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