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Rotary vacuum disc filter

The Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter - A Great Innovation for Your Filtration Needs


Are you tired of changing your filter every time it gets clogged, and you have to disassemble the whole process to clean it? Do you want a highly efficient and safe filtration method that will increase your productivity while reducing your operating cost? Introducing the rotary vacuum filtration from eWater, a game-changer in the filtration industry!

Why choose eWater Rotary vacuum disc filter?

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The Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter is a versatile filter that can be used in various industries such as chemical processing, mining, food, pharmaceutical, and many others. It is suitable for filtering liquids with low, moderate, or high solids content, and it can handle suspensions with a wide range of particles size and densities so try rotary drum filtration from eWater.

How to use

All you need to do is set up the filter, connect it to a power source, and fill it with the suspension to be filtered. Once you turn it on, the rotary drum filter aquaculture from eWater automatically rotates and filters the liquid, leaving behind the filtrate and solids. It is that simple!


This rotary drum vacuum filter also comes with a customer support service that is exceptional and has been there for you all along. The maintenance team can always be reached out to in cases where you need advice concerning the installation, usage or even keeping of the filter in good shape. Another point here is that eWater’s rotary drum vacuum filtration provide for preventive maintenance and repair works to ensure your filter always operates at its best.

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