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R410A Air To Water Split Inverter Heat Pump

R410A Air To Water Split Inverter Heat Pump

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Brand: eWater

eWater's R410A Air To liquid Split Inverter Heat Pump could be an item that is innovative is not used to provide unparalleled cooling and heating performance for the house or office. This sleek and appliance that is packed that is contemporary advanced functions rendering it very efficient and effective systems available on the market.

The heat pump makes use of R410A refrigerant to provide you with effective and heating that is efficient cooling. This refrigerant is much more green than older alternatives, making the eWater temperature pump an option that is fantastic eco-conscious consumers. The inverter technology really helps to make sure that the pump runs efficiently and quietly, supplying conditions being consistent any fluctuations.

The eWater R410A Air To Water Split Inverter Heat Pump is incredibly versatile, suitable for many different heating that is different, including heating this is certainly underfloor radiators, and also fan coil devices. It may be used to warm or cool homes that are entire just specific areas, rendering it an solution that is extremely economical any situation.

One of the standout popular features of the eWater R410A Air To liquid Split Inverter Heat Pump is its simplicity of installation. The pump is designed to be a simple task to put in and continue maintaining, with clear instructions contained in the individual manual. The dimensions this is certainly compact of product makes it simple to match into even the littlest of spaces, additionally the elements that are different be placed both inside and outdoors for optimum freedom.

The eWater R410A Air To Water separate Inverter Heat Pump even offers a number of enhanced functions created to ensure it is much more convenient and user-friendly as well as its impressive cooling and heating abilities. The control that is easy-to-use gives you to definitely regulate the temperature and settings with simplicity, while the pump may also be suited to many different different smart house systems.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Heat Pump
1. The temperature of most indoor heating is required to be within 30°C. The heating temperature of the heat pump system is 18°C-35°C, which is a low-temperature heating. Compared with the traditional heating with oil or electricity, the temperature difference is small, the loss is low, and energy waste is avoided.
2. The heating energy efficiency ratio of the heat pump system is as high as 4.0, that is, 1KW of electric energy can be converted by the heat pump to obtain more than 4KW of heat energy. Exceeds the energy efficiency of electric heating systems 1.0. higher efficiency.
3. The heat pump system occupies a small area and has zero emissions, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment.
Product Features
●Intelligent defrosting function improves the reliability of system operation.
●V-shaped fin heat exchanger prolongs the service life of equipment.
●The heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved by adopting split flow and simulated flow path optimization design
●Assembled our special heat exchange copper tube with threaded inner wall, our heat pumps are more sufficient for heat exchange than the smooth inner wall ones.
●.High pressure protection.
●Adapt intelligent controller, full automatically operation.


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