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Raw Water Treatment Filter System Equipment for Fish Tank

Raw Water Treatment Filter System Equipment for Fish Tank

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Raw Water Treatment Filter System Equipment may be the solution that is perfect owners of fish tanks looking a way that is effective keep their fish water clean, clear, and free of impurities.

This gear is made specifically to deal with and filter water in your tank for the fish, removing any particles that could be parasites, and contaminants that could harm your fish. Made out of top-quality materials, this system is durable and sturdy, ensuring you can easily be dependent on it to help keep your tank clean and your seafood delighted and healthier for years.

The eWater Raw Water Treatment Filter System gear is not hard to install and maintain, making it an addition that is hassle-free your tank for your fish setup. The product assists in maintaining your aquarium crystal clear and prevent any odors that are unpleasant discoloration with regular use.

This method also incorporates a state-of-the-art filtering which makes usage of numerous layers of filters to get rid of contaminants which are harmful aquarium water that is you. Each filter layer is specifically designed to remove certain types of particles, ensuring your water remains healthy and clean for the seafood.

The eWater Raw Water Treatment Filter System Equipment features a pump that is powerful can progress to 400 gallons of water each hour, so that it’s perfect for bigger tanks with plenty of fish. Additionally, this technique has flow that is adjustable rendering it quite simple to obtain a grip on the water flow in your tank and create the environment that is perfect your seafood.

Product Description

River / Sea water treatment equipment

1.  To make sure the safety of aquaculture water and to kill kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and algae in the raw water. No need to use chemicals. Its disinfecting capability is 2.7times of ClO2 (chlorine dioxide), and processing time is 20 times faster than ClO2.

2.  To remove protein, ammonia nitrogen, non-ionic ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, suspended particles etc. High efficient and low power consumes.

3.  All equipment are automatic controlled, remote malfunction alarm, less land occupation, easy operation and maintenance

4.  To pre-treatment of aquaculture water, feed water recirculating aquaculture system, water treatment for larva stocking and nursery of fish, shrimp, shell etc.
220V 50 Hz
Power Rate
980 W
5 m³
5 μm
Inlet / Outlet Diameter
50 mm
Company Profile
Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limitedis a professional company engaged in design, production and sales of Recirculating Aquaculture System as well as aquaculture equipment.
Ewater is focused on the development and manufacturing of industrial recirculating aquaculture system solutions, and its product design and production, including drum filters, protein skimmers, biological filters, aeration equipment, disinfection equipment, heat pumps and water quality monitor equipment.

We work with top-level aquaculture research institutes and experts to develop best solutions for our customers in aquacultrure industry. Our engineering team is committed to develop best practices for each equipment and RAS based on customers' needs.
We continue to be reliable and honest in what we do and how we act.Our mission is to improve sustainability and profitability for customers, and be a valuable partner for customers' long-term business.


Exhibition in Shanghai City ,China
Exhibition in Zhanjiang City Guangdong Province,China
Successful Cases

Kio (Climbing Perch)

● Culturing Cycle Time: 150 D to 250 grams size for

● Biomass: 100 kilograms/m3 at harvesting
● Temp: 25 -30℃

Anguilla Anguilla

Culturing Cycle Time: 150D to 150 grams size from

50-gram fingerlings

● Biomass: 60 kilograms/m3 at harvesting
● Temp: 26-30℃

Pabda Catfish (Ompok Pabda)

● Culturing Cycle Time: 90 – 110 D to 40 - 55 grams size

for harvesting

● Biomass: 60 kilograms/m3 at harvesting
● Temp: 15 – 30 ℃, 22 – 27 ℃ preferred

Shing (Stinging Catfish)

Heteropneustes Fossilis

● Culturing Cycle Time: 140 -160D to 65 - 80 grams size for harvesting
● Biomass: 80 kilograms/m3 at harvesting
● Temp: 20 – 30℃, 23 – 28℃ preferred

Installation Services

We provide on-site installation services for our customers with turn-key project

UzbekistanCarp Hatchery RAS system project

BangladeshShing Grow-out RAS system project


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