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River Water Treatment Equipment

River Water Treatment Equipment

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Introducing the River Water Treatment Equipment – and solution is innovative effectively treats river water for assorted purposes. It comes to water treatment whether it is for drinking, irrigation or industrial use, this equipment is designed to meet all your requirements when.

A must-have for individuals or businesses whoever supply is certainly primary of hails from streams. The apparatus is made to get rid of impurities from river water which will be often contaminated with dust, debris, toxins, and microorganisms. Using this therapy is specific you might be certain water will be safe and away from any elements being harmful.

The item is level that is technologically advanced user-friendly, created to offer performance this is certainly optimal problems. It’s made of top-quality materials which will resist the surroundings are harsh in river water sources that are many. The apparatus is very efficient and can process big volumes of water in a celebration this is certainly rendering that is quick a perfect option for companies are looking plenty of water.

The River Water Treatment Equipment is customizable, and can even be tailored to fit the particular requirements of each customer. The product's design allows it to manage water to various examples of purity, making it simple and versatile to comply with applications that are many. As one example, it might eliminate minerals and salts from water, that makes it perfect for use inside the meals industry, where water is clear just a component this is certainly important.

One of many standout features may be the treatment process that is chemical-free. Which means the water is treated without having the usage of harsh chemicals that will harm environmental surroundings or humans. Instead, the procedure employs filtration that is state-of-the-art that are eco-friendly and cause no problems for the environments.

This product saves both time and money in the long run with its low maintenance requirement and easy operation. The gear was created to last, ensuring for years without the need for constant repairs or replacements that it will serve you. Get the River Water Treatment Equipment and enjoy the benefits of clean waters today.

Product Description

River / Sea water treatment equipment

1.  To make sure the safety of aquaculture water and to kill kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and algae in the raw water. No need to use chemicals. Its disinfecting capability is 2.7times of ClO2 (chlorine dioxide), and processing time is 20 times faster than ClO2.

2.  To remove protein, ammonia nitrogen, non-ionic ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, suspended particles etc. High efficient and low power consumes.

3.  All equipment are automatic controlled, remote malfunction alarm, less land occupation, easy operation and maintenance

4.  To pre-treatment of aquaculture water, feed water recirculating aquaculture system, water treatment for larva stocking and nursery of fish, shrimp, shell etc.
220V 50 Hz
Power Rate
980 W
5 m³
5 μm
Inlet / Outlet Diameter
50 mm


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